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Do you know a Young Highlands Hero?

The SHCF Young Highlands Heroes award aims to recognise and reward quiet achievers within the Southern Highlands community who have made a real effort to contribute to their local community as volunteers and/or fundraisers.

These awards complement our Highlands Heroes award and aim to foster a kind and connected community by celebrating and encouraging the work of young people who might otherwise go under the radar.

 Applicants must be aged between 13 and 21 and may either self-nominate or be nominated by a third party.  The successful winner will receive a SHCF $3,000 grant to donate to their nominated organisation.

Who can be nominated?

The judging panel will be looking for nominees who have contributed in their own way to the betterment of an organisation and/or its services and who have not sought recognition or acclamation.

The nominee does not need to be a leader or member of a community organisation but their volunteering and/or fundraising activities must be for organisations that benefit the Southern Highlands community.

Nominations will be called from individuals and not-for-profit community organisations operating within the Southern Highlands.  Twice a year a new Young Highlands Hero will be recognised and rewarded with a $3,000 grant for them to donate to an organisation for whom they have been volunteering and/or fundraising.

What are the key dates?

Our first Young Highlands Hero will be named in September 2024 with subsequent rounds in May and September each year.  Applications for this first round will close on August 31.

For all subsequent rounds, nominations will be open all year round.

NB: The successful hero and their nominating organisation must agree to be available for media interviews and other promotional activities, as required to promote the awards.

Highlands Hero Stories

Meet Kerstin Schweth of Native Wildlife Rescue.


What is the selection criteria?

To be considered for the award of Young Highland Hero, the following will be considered by the judging panel:

  • Type of activities undertaken by volunteer
  • Impact of volunteer on the work of organisation/s
  • Total funds raised by volunteer if engaged in activities for fundraising.
  • Any unique aspects to the work of the volunteer, above and beyond
  • Testaments from 2 other community members who have witnessed the volunteering and/or fundraising efforts of the nominee.

Note: Volunteers must have supported or volunteered with organisations that meet the Southern Highlands Community Foundation criteria for funding:

  • The geographical focus of the volunteering must be Wingecarribee LGA
  • The organisation supported by the volunteer must be established with management or board structure, relevant registration, registered bank account and the ability to report on impact and outcomes of grant.

We do not fund:

  1. Organisations that are politically focussed or are involved in proselytising.
  2. Individuals
  3. DGR 2 organisations
  4. Organisations that have been established for non-charitable purpose.
  5. Membership based organisations where activities only benefit their members.