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Sonnya Davis

Highlands Hero, September 2023

In the tight-knit Southern Highlands community of Hill Top, Sonnya Davis can be found right at its heart.  As proprietor of the Village Store and Post Office, Sonnya knows all the locals by name and loves her community like an extended family.


For the past eight years Sonnya has been heavily involved with the work of the Hill Top Community Association (HTCA).  A group of like-minded residents whose goal it is to enhance community well-being and create a sense of vibrancy in the village.

“I joined the Hill Top Community Association because I saw how passionate they were about making positive changes in our community, and I wanted to help.  I love Hill Top; it is a great village, the community is loyal and friendly, we all help each other out.”  Sonnya Davis

A key focus of the HTCA in recent years has been the beautification of Hill Top.  The project has added new trees to line the streets, information signs at the village entrance, wall murals at Boronia Park, the Village Store and the Rural Fire Service (RFS) shed – as well as upgrades to Federation Park.

Nicole Smith, Chair of the Southern Highlands Community Foundation said:

“I think Sonnya and the HTCA are a wonderful example of the impact that a grass roots community organisation can have.  Led by people who are so invested and passionate about their community, their work has real long-lasting impact, elevating people’s pride in where they live.” 

Sonnya Davis has lived in the Highlands for 27 years, raising her family in the village of Hill Top.  She began working at the Village Store in 1998, taking over the Post Office in 2008 and then the General Store in 2012.  Over the years she has taken many opportunities to fundraise and give back to the community she loves.

“We are continually looking for ways to make our village an even better place to live, work and thrive.  We believe in the power of collaboration and community engagement, and we are always amazed by what can be achieved with a bit of hard work and dedication.”  Sonnya Davis

The SHCF Highlands Heroes award aims to recognise and reward the work of individuals who work tirelessly in our community as volunteers.  Winners receive a $5000 grant for their organisation.

 “Highlands Heroes is a wonderful way that the SHCF can help to shine a light onto the achievements of individuals like Sonnya and organisations like the HTCA.  To those passionate and committed people in our community who love where they live and are committed to positive change and getting things done – we applaud you.”  Nicole Smith

What’s next?

Sonnya and the Hill Top Community Association plan to put the $5000 SHCF grant directly back into the community to buy seating for the newly restored Federation Park, enhancing the experience for all.  Other projects on the Association’s radar are a new children’s playground, fitness equipment and multipurpose court at Boronia Park.

To find out more about the Hill Top Community Association head to their Facebook page here.

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