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Who are we?

An Australian public company limited by guarantee operating as a registered charity and public ancillary fund, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, all residents of the Southern Highlands, NSW.  We exist to collect, hold, and distribute funds to DGR item 1 organisations only from our Trust and community not for profits (NFP) meeting our conditions.

We work with our community to gather knowledge and positively impact change through the commitment of raised funds to community organisations supporting residents in the Wingecarribee Shire.  The Southern Highlands Community Foundation (SHCF) as trustee for the Southern Highlands Foundation Trust and supports social, environmental, and cultural projects in the Wingecarribee Shire LGA.  Further information on the SHCF can be found here.

Geographical focus

Wingecarribee Local Government Area (LGA)


In 2024 the total SHCF granting pool available to the Wingecarribbee Shire community is $250,000 which will be distributed to successful applicants via two granting rounds of $125,000.

  • Round 1 December 6th 2023 – March 28th 2024
  • Round 2 July 1st 2024 – August 30th 2024

The SHCF Grants Committee will consider grant applications of:

$1000 – $5000, $5000 – $10,000 up to a maximum of $25,000 in special circumstances.

Other Grants & Funding  
We are always open to funding requests for projects or programs within the highlands.  Please fill out the application form and select ‘Other Funding Request’ to put forward your project or initiative for review.

What we fund

Programs and initiatives at a local community level that support members of the Southern Highlands community to prosper.  We support programs across the wide community spectrum including health and wellbeing, education, arts, families, aged, youth, environment and first nations people and culture.

To receive funding from the SHCF organisations must be established with a management or board structure, relevant registration, registered bank account and the ability to report on impact and outcomes of grant.

What we look for

In assessing funding opportunities/partnerships we look for the following:

  • Strong local leadership
  • Organisational health–good governance and accountability, effective operational systems, and  financial viability
  • Demonstrated need for the program funding is sought-important to the southern highlands community and is not already being addressed by other organisations (ie not replicating an existing service or program)
  • Strategic relevance–the approach is a logical and practical response to the local context and issue and there is a focus on partnerships
  • Outcomes–clear articulation of what will be different because of the grant.


  • Any initiatives outside the Southern Highlands Wingecarribee LGA
  • Activities that are politically focussed or are involved in proselytising
  • Individuals
  • DGR 2 organisations
  • Programs or organisations that have been established for non-charitable purposes
  • Membership based organisations where activities only benefit their members.

Process and timeframe for Decision Making

  • All applications for funding are made to the SHCF via online application form 
  • Funding requests are considered in the first instance by the Granting Subcommittee, and this committee may seek further information or clarification on the request before them
  • Recommendations are then made by the granting subcommittee to the SHF Board for final approval and successful applicants are advised as soon as practicable after decisions have been made
  • All unsuccessful applications will be advised as soon as practicable. In all cases if appropriate we will also direct these applicants to other potential funders
  • All successful organisations will be asked to provide an acquittal detailing the outcomes of the funded activities and funds expended.

Application process

  • All grant applications are made to the SHCF via an online application form
  • If any preliminary information and discussion is required, please email us as at

Last update: November 2023